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Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Single-Use,
Pre-Paid Card Payments

In an effort to make Bill Pay electronic payments faster, and more secure, an initiative has been adopted, for the use of Virtual Single-Use, Pre-Paid Cards as a method of electronic payment. This method of payment will begin May 13, 2020.

What are Virtual Single-Use, Pre-Paid Cards?

Virtual Cards are a fast and secure method to make payments. These ‘cards’ are not physically issued by a credit card provider. Rather, the funds designated for your payment will be used to generate a virtual card number. No physical card is used, and no credit card account is opened in your name. A different number will be used for each payment.

How is it determined which payments are made with Virtual Cards?

Generally, if a designated payee accepts credit card payments from a personal physical card, they will accept Virtual Card payments. This allows us to send more of your payments electronically, making payment posting times quicker, efficient, and more secure.

How are my scheduled payments made with Virtual Cards, and what are the benefits?

When a scheduled Payment Type is ‘Electronic’, and the designated payee accepts payment by credit card, a Virtual Single-Use, Pre-Paid card will be generated for the payment. The use of Virtual Cards as a payment method is quicker, usually by one day, and more secure. Again, a different number is generated for each payment.

If my payee was already electronic, why did they change to virtual card payments?

Switching to virtual card payments, allows for quicker posting times. In most cases, payments can be posted one business day earlier, than the previous electronic payment method.

What card issuers will be generating Virtual Single-Use Pre-Paid Card Numbers?

The most reputable issuers in the business, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

How will I know if a Virtual Card was used to make my scheduled electronic payment?

If a payment is sent by virtual card, the payment history timeline clearly states: This payment was sent using a single-use, pre-paid card. If available, the last four digits of the card number will be included. See example below!

Will I be changed a fee for the Virtual Card payments?

Subscribers will not be charged a fee for Virtual Card payments.